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Meet our serious side: installCore

Because millions of users download and enjoy our products, Funmoods, Greetingmoods and Safemoods, every day, we believe it is our duty to provide all of that fun and shenanigans package in a safe, secure and highly reliable way. In order to provide a strong backbone for our serious side (so we can be free to focus more on the crazy smileys, animations and awesome emoticons we offer) we rely on installCore to ensure swift and effective delivery of our services. This sets our minds at ease, because we know users download what we offer quickly and securely.

What is installCore?

In order to use Greetingmoods, Funmoods and Safemoods, you have to download our software to your computer. Within a quick process, virtually seconds later, you get access to the thousands of all those silly, wacky, moving and engaging emoticons, winks and animations we have to offer. But this process is something we strive to provide as the best possible experience before you even begin to use those animations. To make sure you actually enjoy and benefit from the process, we do more than just allow you to download it: we offer it to you through the most secure, reliable downloading and installation method possible. This is the reason why we use installCore.


Furthermore, because we know our products are so appealing to the younger demographic, we work hard to make sure they have an easy and safe process. This means that from the moment they click the button to the second they start using Greetingmoods, Funmoods and Safemoods, they enjoy a brief and high quality downloading and installation experience.

How Does installCore Deliver Successful Downloads?

As any avid web surfer can attest, the Internet is filled to the brim with a neverending (and ever-growing) amount of web-based applications and services, such as games and productivity software, that serve needs relating to work, study and play. The problem is that approximately 20 percent of all downloadable applications fail to install in the user's computer due to a variety of reasons. These problems could range from an incompatible operating system, an outdated version or even more prosaic problems like the wrong interface language.

To address this problem, we use installCore - an installer that we believe is truly state of the art.

The combination of technical skills and design expertise allowed installCore to create a seamless and effective installer whose sole objective is to deliver the best web-based applications offered online. installCore delivers over 10,000 different software applications (including, naturally, Funmoods, Greetingmoods and Safemoods) to millions of people across the globe. So when you find that app you're looking for, and you click the shiny green button that starts the magical installation process, installCore helps make that magic happen, safely and successfully.

The fact that installCore provides an installer that any company can brand will also help you make the right choice. After all, wouldn't you prefer to click on something provided by a brand you trust?


Apart from supplying an installer that ensures a quicker download and installation process (sometimes even 25% faster than any other installer!), installCore comes with built-in analytics. These high end analytic tools pinpoint any stage in the download and installation process that may be problematic.

Also, and this may come in handy if you are in a different part of the world and wish to download our apps, analytics show us where you are from, so our localization efforts can be channelled to give you what you need.

Industry Leading Software Delivery

Over the years, installCore has been continually improving and perfecting the installer program, which has been responsible for successfully delivering over seven million daily downloads to users across the globe.

By choosing to use installCore to deliver our applications, we not only offer the best emotes, smileys and animated greetings on the Internet, but we do so with speed, reliability and security that is only available through installCore.